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Have you ever seen a rhino charge through a wall?

Well, neither have we. But we’re fairly confident that our hygienic cladding and other products could stand up to a charging rhino. Obviously we would never try this, it wouldn’t be fair to the rhino after all, and so we can only guess at what else our cladding could withstand.

From our experience in different industries and a whole range of exciting environments, perhaps a more realistic situation would be challenging our products to withstand an angry chef wielding a frying pan, or maybe a gaggle of boisterous surfers (read more on this here). An unbalanced student wouldn’t be a problem and show us a forklift truck and we’ll show you a solution without a blink of the eye.


Before you think we’re mad, we have a point here. You’ll be fully aware of how hygienic our hygienic applications are, it’s even in the name after all. But did you realise how strong they are. Well if not, then this is exactly why we’re writing this blog post. We’re proud of our products and how tough and durable they are. We know the products inside out and therefore can advise you on the right direction for you to go in. Just so you know though, if you’re planning on creating a wall that a rhino couldn’t charge through, then we can only give you our best guess.


So, if strength is what you’re after here are just a few of the products we suggest you check out first.


PVC Bump Rails

Combining high impact PVC with an aluminium backer these bump rails can handle anything from a light scuff to a big shock. Don’t be fooled by the customisable colours, the strength and durability of this product is never compromised by the visual practicality.


Elite FRP

These are possibly our toughest surface solution. They have an extremely high strength to weight ratio, created because we wouldn’t want you struggling to fit heavy and cumbersome sheeting, when the technology is available to create both lightweight and durable products. So enjoy years of dependable performance without worrying about scratches, shattering or abrasions.



With the ability to withstand the impact of a forklift truck (which is almost a rhino in our eyes) and many other industrial moving equipment these rails and bollards are designed to stop vehicles ever touching your walls and cladding. Meaning you can go for a less robust wall cladding in favour of these impressive pieces of design.