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Greenline Sustainability

Sustainability with a clear conscience.

Plastics get a pretty bad press when it comes to the environment. Here at Beplas, we strive to minimise any detrimental impact on the world we live in whilst continually investing in research and development to improve our systems. Amongst many green initiatives throughout our business we ensure that our products are stabilised without the use of lead. They use recycled material and are recyclable. Through an enclosed cycle we are able to maintain the highest quality standards ensuring the very best in product performance. They are VOC free, contain no formaldehyde, asbestos, lindane, PCB, PCP, CFCs, cadmium or other heavy metals. There are no monomers, Bisphenol or plasticisers in our sheets. Most importantly, our products will last the lifetime of the building into which they are installed. Talk to us about our green credentials.


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