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RIBA approved Beplas CPD: Principles of Surface Protection

Official Partner

The CPD discusses the principles of surface protection and how the choice of hygienic, anti-microbial interior surface materials can be used effectively to support sustainable development. Through the use of lightweight, 100% recyclable materials, environmental impact can be mitigated in supporting carbon reduction and recyclability . It uses architect Louis Kahn’s principle of ‘The Servant and Served’ principle in the adoption of an effective surface materials strategy in specification. It also covers the use of single source installation strategy.

Topics covered include: antimicrobial and hygienic surface materials, installation techniques and seamless jointing, use of recyclable materials in sustainable development.

By the end of the CPD you should have a greater understanding of:
- The Servant and the Served principle and critical path management
- The benefits of single source supply and material requirements for different building spaces and cost control
- How antimicrobial and hygienic materials work in infection prevention
- How lightweight interior surface materials reduce carbon emissions
- Environmental impact and the processes used to mitigate this impact during manufacture and delivery

RIBA Core Curriculum subject areas: Design, Construction and Technology, Health, safety and wellbeing