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How to Surf the Perfect Wave

When we think of surfing, most of us think about strong ocean waves and if we’re talking about Britain, Cornwall or South Wales. What you’re probably not thinking about is the North Wales mountain range, Snowdonia and an inland lagoon. So let us explain.

Surfing is about to undergo a modern twist and all within a Welsh valley, miles away from the sea and surrounded by mountains. It’s not your usual surfing spot, but then this isn’t your usual surfing day out. This is Surf Snowdonia, the brand new surfing facility, based in Dolgarrog, North Wales.


So how does it work?

These aren’t waves as you know them, but a two metre high barrelling wave artificially created using hydraulics in the centre of the lagoon, peeling perfectly across before reaching the shore. Plus, if you miss one wave, another will be along in just a minute, ready for you to try again. With no more waiting around for waves, and crystal clear waters this is the perfect place to learn to surf, perfect your technique or simply come for a bit of fun with the family. 


Where do we come in?

Here at Beplas, we might not all be avid surfers but we’re excited about having been a part of such a spectacular, new activity location. The nature of surfing means that you’re going to need facilities that won’t be damaged by drenched and exhausted surfers traipsing in and out, dragging with them any dirt, sand and of course the gallons of water saturating their wet suits.

For us, this challenge didn’t even make us sweat. We have the perfect materials to deal with this and the best fitters in the country. We supplied 1400sqm of Elite PVC sheets, using full coverage adhesive, everywhere from changing rooms, toilets, showers, kitchen, serveries and utility rooms in the main hub building and two amenity buildings. This was all completed in just four weeks by our recommended contractor Graeme Coxon, just one of the dedicated and trusted fitters we’ve formed a professional relationship with here at Beplas.


If we can protect an environment from the onslaught of excited surfers so easily, just think what we could do for your business. Give us a ring on 0800 413 758 and we’ll discuss your situation before using our expert knowledge to advise you on the best solution.