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Top 5 products for the food production industry

For large-scale professional fitting projects, the right products are essential to ensure the fit is carried out efficiently, correctly and produces the right results.  When dealing with hygienic or high traffic spaces such as the factory floor, the products you choose to support the fitting play such a big role.

Below are our top 5 products on the market right now. Each provides a unique solution to help you undergo a large scale fit specifically for the food and beverage industry.


Hygienic cladding

Create a fully fitted, hygienic space with top of the range hygienic cladding. The Beplas range is vast but we would recommend our Elite PVC Wall panels for their food safe PVC and proven success in food and drink processing plants, restaurants and commercial kitchens. Low maintenance and high durability makes our hygienic cladding the perfect option for areas where hygiene is of the utmost importance.

Multi-bead adhesive applicator

Now we’ve told you about the cladding, here’s how to fit it. The multi bead adhesive applicator has been developed specifically for the hygienic cladding industry and has revolutionised the adhesive process. The battery powered, upright applicator is unique to the industry, making for a quicker, cleaner and more efficient way to fit hygienic cladding. No mess, no hassle, now worries. Find out more here, or call us on 0800 413 758 and we’ll be happy to help.


This is the check weigher that’s setting the bar in the food packaging industry. Described as the Swiss army knife of check weighers it’s not only been developed with hygiene in mind but also the flexibility to be used for a wide range of applications. The development process undertaken to create Flexus ensures it complies with the strictest hygiene standards and makes cleaning quicker and safer. Definitely a benchmark for check weigher design and production and certainly one to consider for the perfect factory fit.

Eco Cooling

This is a product that has proven its worth in many large production areas. EcoCooling provides large amounts of cool, filtered air, but most importantly, it does so at a reduced cost with reduced energy consumption and less noise. This system is already being used successfully in the food production industry with big claims being made that you could save 90% on cooling costs with EcoCooling. We’re intrigued to see where this company goes in the future.

Flotronic Pump

Where product contamination needs to be avoided the Flotronic E series pump is the answer. It’s been designed specifically for the Food and Beverage industry and has caught our eye because of its high standards in health and safety and the recent European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group (EHEDG) accreditation. It allows access for cleaning while in place and can be easily dismantled for cleaning an inspection. Perfect for the busy factory floor.


For any advice or guidance for large scale projects, including in the food manufacturing and preparation industry, simply call our team today on 0800 046 4838. We pride ourselves on not only our quality products, but also our meticulous customer service and our dedication to finding our customers exactly what they need. With us, you’re in good hands.