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Schools OUT! Upgrade your kitchen this summer holidays with our Elite PVC wall panels

The benefits of Elite PVC wall panels when it comes to food preparation

PVC wall panels are a fantastic way to create a hygienic environment for food prep.

Elite PVC wall panels offer cost effective, easy to maintain surfaces which are crucial for sites such as schools and hospitals were food is prepared and served on a regular basis.

Why, though? When you’re looking to create hygienic environments, it’s essential to use PVC wall panels that are Food Taint Test Approved in food preparation areas. They also need to be stain-resistant, impact resistant, resistant to common chemicals, abrasion and meet the most stringent of fire tests.

That’s a key indicator as to why they’re so useful in catering environments. The right PVC wall panels are stain-resistant and easy to clean; much more so than traditional wall coverings such as tiles and paint.

Surfaces in food prep areas should be smooth, non-porous and easy to clean so that all of those spills and splatters can easily be wiped away. They should be formable and scratch resistant so that there is nowhere for Food particles and bacteria to hide. Nooks and crannies are an ideal breeding ground for the nasty bacteria that can cause real problems in environments that are supposed to be hygienic exposing staff, customers and the public to real risk of infection.

PVC panels are mould-resistant and don’t absorb liquids, which makes life much easier at clean down time.

Another benefit is that they’re easy to cut, bend and install if you follow the expert’s advice.

The lack of grout and cement in their installation also reduces the risk of bacteria growing.

They’re typically more affordable; if you’re constructing a kitchen in a new or existing building, opting for PVC panels over other materials will help save time and money on your project, this A2 tuition school saved thousands on their install, read about it here.

Wanting to improve your green credentials? PVC cladding is a recyclable material whilst also lasting the lifetime of the building.

One of our favourite things about PVC panels is that they are available in a huge variety of colours and surface finishes to complement existing colour schemes or indeed design your own brand new colour scheme all with matching trims and sealants.

Hygienic wall and ceiling cladding can be complemented by other fixtures and fittings such as coving and skirting to ensure your food preparation area will always be as hygienic as possible and comply with Government standards.

Want to find out more about how PVC wall panels can help you meet food hygiene standards? Beplas offers a free consultation to meet your exact requirements. Contact our team today!