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PVC coving could help you keep viruses at bay in your business

Could PVC coving be something of a secret weapon in the fight against Coronavirus and other diseases?

Certainly not on its own. There is no known cure for Covid-19 and other similar diseases like flu, and it’s important to underline that PVC coving will not be a magic bullet in the fight against Coronavirus.

PVC coving, though – alongside other preventative measures such as hygienic wall linings, ceiling linings and more – will go a long way to helping businesses stay cleaner in the ‘new normal’.

The benefits of linings, specialist claddings and PVC coving are that they’re incredibly easy to wipe down, keep clean, and prevent bacteria from forming on them as it would brickwork, cement or other traditional building materials.

At the moment, even with a vaccine or other similar solution, prevention is the best way there is to stay as safe as is possible, especially for those operating in the hospitality and leisure sectors.

Imagine a busy kitchen at a restaurant or hospital, made from traditional brick and cement. Food particles and other debris clings to the walls and mould can grow in cracks and crevices, especially if cleaning duties are neglected.

Steam and condensation could also carry food debris and other particles up to the ceiling and the corners, making it hard to reach. Over time – even if a small amount – mould and bacteria can form and grow and spread.

That would be much harder for bacteria and food debris to do if the walls were covered with cladding, and complemented with covings at the corners.

PVC cladding and other materials of this nature, built to fit the walls and other areas of the kitchen, mean bacteria can’t fester and grow, and is incredibly easy to keep clean and keep on top of.

All cladding takes is a simple wipe with bleach to keep clean. Regular daily cleaning of PVC claddings and covings, while not stopping the actual spread of Coronavirus, could go some way to helping reduce the chances of it spreading or festering in your work environment.

Again, the more seriously you take your responsibilities when cleaning and keep to Government guidelines to mitigate the spread of the virus, the better the chance of combatting it.

And while PVC coving and cladding is in no way a cure of any kind, they do help keep your environments – professional or otherwise – cleaner and easier to keep clean in times like these.

Find out more about how cladding and coving can help keep your work environments clean by speaking to a BePlas representative today.