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Hygienic ceiling linings can keep hard to reach places clean

Hygienic ceiling lining can be an amazing friend to restaurant owners and places where food is prepared, whether it’s a small independent business or larger service provider such as a school or hospital.

Poor hygiene is one of the main reasons why restaurants fail and have to close their doors. According to an investigation by the Times in October 2019, one in 20 of the UK’s food establishments were given a failing hygiene rating by the Food Standards Agency (FSA).

That’s a huge number. After analysing more than 250,000 eateries, 13,000 were found wanting. 2,500 food businesses in Scotland were also falling behind hygienically; the country uses a different rating system, with those 2,500 needing to improve to achieve a passing grade.

There are numerous reasons why restaurants and other places fall behind on hygiene. A change of mindset may be needed, there may be a shortage of staff, time issues mean it may be an area that gets overlooked and many other factors.

So, where do hygienic ceiling lining fit into this? Poor hygiene costs everyone, whether it’s a franchise (the Times investigation highlights Pizza Hut, for instance), a small business or service, not getting the basics right in cleanliness hurts the public, profits, reputation and more.

Hygienic ceiling lining is just one kitchen installation that can improve hygiene and help to change mindsets when it comes to cleanliness.

Keeping clean can be a tough job. If you have tiling or brickwork in the kitchen with exposed cement and seal joints, it makes for the perfect environment for bacteria and mould to grow and needs a lot of elbow grease to remove on a daily basis. That can be exhausting to do after a long, thankless shift.

Installing hygienic ceiling lining alongside PVC wall cladding, PVC covings and skirtings and other practical solutions can take a lot of the work out of cleaning down the kitchen and massively reduce the chances of bacteria festering and growing in your food preparation areas.

Easy to wipe down, clean and maintain, ceiling linings and other complementary coverings can totally transform your kitchen, make it easier to clean and encourage hospitality staff to keep giving your customers the absolute best service possible.

Find out more about the benefits of hygienic ceiling lining, installation and more by speaking to the Beplas team today!