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How to boost your productivity by 60%

There are many things within a contractor’s day to day life that could be hindering productivity. Figuring out exactly what these are can help you overcome them and boost your productivity.

As a result you could be an increase in profit, a drop in spend and more time on your hands to do bigger and better things. So how can you do this?


Introducing the Multi-Bead Adhesive Applicator:

Multi-Bead Adhesive Applicator Infographic

Click the picture above to view full size!



The most important thing to do first is to take a step back and try to understand each phase of your working. Analyse your process, your results and if there are any areas that could be improved. Gather data around your observations and you’ll be able to pin point where and when productivity slides. This could be when using certain equipment or when tackling a certain part of the job. This analysis will help you find where you need to improve.


New Technology

Utilise new technologies designed to make your job easier. Every day designers and entrepreneurs are discovering new ways to solve problems such as a lack of productivity in all areas of life. Don’t miss out on using this technology to benefit you. One new tool, aided by technology is the Multi-Bead Adhesive Applicator. This is a tool developed specifically for the wall cladding industry and designed to solve the problem of wasting time and energy on adhesive and fixing wall cladding panels.

The Multi-Bead Adhesive Applicator from us can boost your productivity by 60%.That’s a pretty large percentile and could mean you not only saving time, but also money and the hassle that comes with other adhesive systems. Plus with our new offer, if you buy 60 sachets of adhesive, you’ll get the Multi-Bead Applicator completely FREE. Find out more here and call us today.



Prior planning can make everything run smoothly and much quicker. It may take some initial time to lock down a strategic plan for the job and ensure everyone has a place to work and the right tools but after this initial planning stage the road will be clearer and so much easier to navigate.



With a plan in place, for this to work efficiently it’s vital to have good communication alongside your strategic plan. Ensure everyone around you is well aware of what they’re doing, what tools are best and how they can help you.

We’re big on communication here at Beplas. Aside from communicating at the workplace, we understand the importance of communicating with our customers and understanding exactly what it is you need. Plus it helps that we’re the biggest supplier of hygienic cladding so anything you need, from hygienic wall panels to the Multi-Bead Adhesive Applicator, we can get it to you on time, allowing you to focus on your own productivity.


Click here to view our Multi-Bead Adhesive Applicator