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FunkyNut Factory, Wirral  

We worked with MDFitout to transform the FunkyNut factory in Birkenhead, Wirral.

Funkynut supply their range of products to large protein suppliers and stores across the UK and Europe.

Earlier this month our marketing team and Mat from MDFitout visited FunkyNut and Calibre Control (read case study here) to see how our customers were finding their new hygienic environments.

Here’s what using Be-Plas products improved for them:

  • Reduced maintenance = cost saving!
  • Easier and quicker to clean
  • Fresh hygienic look – brightens up workplace
  • Staff enjoy working in the new environment

Quality service, guaranteed.

Mat from MDFitout explained that working with us is “first class…their service is quick, reliable and excellent quality”.  

“When you arrive to collect the products, their staff are always ready to support. This is great because we are always on strict deadlines, there’s no waiting round with Be-Plas. They help you load it on to your van, bring it out on pallets. It couldn’t be easier.”

Most importantly, Be-Plas products meet or exceed all current hygiene, building and fire regulations and have the certification to prove it.

To find out more about the products used in this project, visit our product page here.