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Contractors: Harness the power of the internet

It seems every week we’re presented with new and increasingly more futuristic products on the market. The construction industry is no exception here, with products being developed to make the lives of architects, contractor and fitters simpler. Products such as our Multi-Bead Adhesive Applicator have been developed specifically for the hygienic cladding industry and the application of plastic wall cladding in order to boost productivity of fitters and see the overall efficiency of large projects improved.

Even for hands-on roles, you’d be amazed at how beneficial the Internet world can be. So go out there and learn to harness this incredibly vast source of information.

Find new products

New products really aren’t hard to find with a simple search or keeping up to date with the right blog. We’re always on the lookout for products that might help our customers or we’re simply admiring gadgets that turn a complex job into an easy task. Our latest blog looks at some top innovation on the market for large-scale projects.

See products in action

With so many of us carrying a smart phone at all times, the use of ‘how to’ videos and how to guides while on the go is on the rise. They make using new or unfamiliar tools and products much simpler with just the click of a button. These videos can also give you much more confidence when buying new products. No one really wants to take a gamble with their hard earned cash, buying a product when they don’t really understand how it works.

Take a look our own how to guide and see the Multi-Bead Adhesive Applicator in action here and understand why we’re making the big claim that it can boost your productivity by 60%.

Hear what your peers are saying

A recommendation from a friend or peer is often the most trustworthy form of advice. The Internet is a tool to bring people together. Listen out for the opinion of your peers, especially if you’re considering a new product or brand. Look for testimonials and case studies to give you a realistic feel for how you will use a new product and how others have seen success in the past.

So you see, the Internet can be a wonderful tool, even for the most hands-on of professions. Such a vast web of knowledge is almost guaranteed to provide you with the tools to help you do your job quicker and more efficiently