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Collicutt Meats

Based in Cheltenham, Collicutt Meats is the largest meat depot in the South West. After almost 30 years, the Elite FRP panels and fixings that were fitted are still looking and performing as good as new.

As the largest depot in the South West, Rob Hughes and his team needed a product that would provide the ultimate durability for their everyday work. Speaking about their panels and fixings, Rob shared that “it take a lot of hammering! Large amounts of stock are brought in every day, and the whole depot needs to be cleaned to a safe standard every day. The panels have handled this for almost 30 years.”

The Elite FRP/GRP panels and fixing systems that were installed at Collicutt Meats are the ideal product choice for any area that requires complete hygiene yet is subjected to high volumes of traffic and/or abuse.

This extremely successful installation has gone above and beyond the client’s expectations on durability and performance.