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Calibre, Warrington

Calibre based in Warrington provide the food industry with food testing technology to ensure quality and safety. Calibre are all about exceeding standards and quality and they needed their environment to do that too.

The walls of their testing labs walls used to be painted in white. They soon became very dusty and dirty making the environment look unhygienic and uninviting to their clients and staff.

We partnered with MDFitout who fitted a whole new space for them including our elite PVC wall linings, PVC coving and PVC skirting, creating a complete hygienic solution.

Since the fitting, Laura (operations manager) says “it’s made such a big difference! everywhere looks so much better and it’s so quick and easy to clean.” 

Ensuring that there is minimal waste on our projects, after the fitting, a small piece of the PVC wall lining was spare. This was used in the bathroom to cover pipework, creating a polished, clean and hygienic environment throughout Calibre.

Most importantly, Be-Plas products meet or exceed all current hygiene, building and fire regulations and have the certification to prove it.

To find out more about the products used in this project, visit our product page here.