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Build customer confidence as lockdown lifts with hygienic wall linings

Hygienic wall linings combined with other safety measures are going to be essential to helping boost consumer confidence as business reopen when the UK’s third national lockdown slowly begins to lift.

As the UK’s vaccine rollout gathers pace, Health Secretary Matt Hancock has given hope that life will look a lot more like normal in the summer.

We’d offer a large dose of caution ourselves… Even if the vaccines do prove to be effective and the national lockdown is eased, the vaccines won’t cure the virus and we’ll still have to live alongside it.

Though we’re exercising caution, it’s hard for a little bit of optimism not to creep in. If the vaccines do indeed work as Mr Hancock hopes, then the reopening of the economy will come as a huge relief to millions.

At the same time, though, those businesses that do open will have to work extremely hard not just at keeping as clean as possible to help keep the virus at bay, but to visibly show customers the measures they’re putting in place to increase confidence.

And that’s where hygienic wall linings can be effective – especially a higher-quality lining like those found in the Elite Komadur range and the Elite Sterling containing BioMaster Antimicrobial Technology now shown to destroy 99% of SARS-CoV-2 After 24 hours 

To be clear, hygienic wall linings alone won’t stop or cure Coronavirus. What they will do, though, is make your business premises much, much easier to clean and wipe down, helping you to stay on top of your cleaning routing and lessening the chances of bacteria taking root and spreading.

Hygienic wall linings are especially useful in places with high footfall and where there’s a chance of bacteria spreading. That includes places such as supermarkets, food packaging factories, production centres and many other public areas.

Visible wall linings such as those found in the Elite Komadur range alongside ceiling linings, PVC skirtings, door sets, partitions and other wall safety measures again go a long way to stopping bacteria growing in brickwork and cement, and make it easier to keep your work environment clean.

And your customers will appreciate seeing those measures in place. It will give them confidence in you as a business, and is a clear indicator that you’re putting proper preventative measures in place to make their lives that bit safer.

Again, though, it’s not just about having the right wall linings. They need to be used in conjunction with other hygiene-based products and be part of a wider regular cleaning routine to help you and your team keep on top of viruses and other bacteria.

Find out more about the amazing benefits of hygienic wall linings by speaking to the Beplas team today!