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Beplas update: Helping workers and firms through the Coronavirus pandemic

Beplas update: Helping workers and firms through the Coronavirus pandemic

The Coronavirus pandemic has been like nothing else in our lifetime, and we’re sure you don’t need us to tell you about the impact it’s had on lives, people and the business community.

What we are here to tell you, though, is that the Beplas team is available to help those businesses and workers across the UK’s key industries keep their employees and the public safe.

Our range of protective products for the food, pharmaceutical and healthcare industries – as well as other key sectors – can be found here on our website: https://www.beplas.com/products/

We have also partnered with Biomaster to provide a new range of antimicrobial products, which can be found here: https://www.beplas.com/products/antimicrobial-products/antimicrobial-hygienic-wall-linings/

Our support team is also working from home and will reply to your calls and emails as soon as possible to provide you with the protective tools your business and employees need.

Our stocks of protective products is constantly replenished, and Beplas is always here to work with you to provide you with bespoke protective solutions wherever possible.

The Beplas team can be contacted through the following ways:

Phone: 0800 413 758

Email: sales@beplas.com

Protective products to help you through the Covid crisis

The Beplas team have been following government guidelines daily and we’re working hard to make sure our team and the protective products we supply adheres to the absolute highest safety and hygiene standards possible, to help relieve pressure on key industries and their employees.

Alongside our antimicrobial equipment, we have a large range of protective products available to help keep employees and the public safer and try to mitigate the spread of the virus.

Just some of the hygienic protective products we can provide include:

  • Protection screens
  • Isolation pods
  • Laboratories
  • Hygienic partitions
  • Hygienic cladding
  • Temporary wards

And more. It’s key to point out, too, that while protective products and other hygienic products from ourselves and other companies aren’t able to stop you actually catching Coronavirus, better products could help to prevent it spreading further.

Food providers, companies working within the healthcare sector and many others who put hygiene first and utilise measures such as PVC cladding, vision panels, hygienic wall linings and much more in conjunction with government guidelines will go some way to reducing the spread.

By working together and by adopting a hygiene-first approach, the greater the chance more people will be protected. The Beplas team is with you all the way.

Contact the Beplas team today to find out more.