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Beplas expertise help to make project complete 2 weeks prior to deadline

An aerospace company based in the South West headquarters where due a refurbishment. The headquarters building had been around for a while and it was time for an update. 

Beplas teamed up with PJE to refurbish the 12 washroom and bathrooms at the site. The elite CE-K PVC Cladding was recommended by Beplas’ sales team as the perfect solution for the GKN project. The CE-K uses the finest hygienic cladding sheet with a unique celuka extrusion process, designed for interior wall finishes where a hygienic, easy to clean surface is required.

The panels are quick and easy to install helping toward PJE completing the project two weeks ahead of schedule.

One thing that stood out for Carl was the expertise that Beplas provided when scoping out the work. When a member of the sales team came to visit Carl at PJE they worked with him to understand what was required and provide expertise on the perfect product for the project, budget and long-term customer need. Beplas provided Carl with a number of CE-K samples with showing the different colours and finishes available, helping Carl and the project manager when finalising the bathrooms.

PJE found that the hygienic solution provided by Beplas was a much “better, long-term solution which came up much more cost-effective than other materials.” Saving budget on the project but also in the long-term for the client with very low maintenance required.  

Find out more about the CE-K product here.

To speak to our sales team about finding your perfect hygienic solution, give us a call on 0800 413 758