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See you at Clerkenwell Design Week!

See our hygienic environments material installation in Clerkenwell – open now!

Clerkenwell - renowned as one of the world's leading design districts.

The name "Clerkenwell" originated from the Old English words "Clerc" or "Clerk," meaning "priest" or "cleric," and "well," referring to a spring or water source. The area was once known for its association with the clergy and religious institutions, particularly the Priory of St. John of Jerusalem, which was founded in the 12th century.

Over time, Clerkenwell evolved from a predominantly religious district into a bustling urban area known for its diverse communities, industrial activity, and vibrant cultural scene. Today, Clerkenwell is recognized as one of London's most dynamic neighbourhoods, renowned for its historic architecture, creative industries, and thriving food and drink scene. The embedded idea of a well, a source as reinvented.

Beplas will be part of the new Poole Waite showroom on Goswell road, right at the beating heart of Clerkenwell next door to Pret A Manger, and stone’s throw from major transport links.

You can see for yourself the material so important in creating hygienic environments and maintaining public health – in healthcare, education, the care sector, hospitality, and student accommodation, to name a few.

Beplas are delighted to be at the heart of Clerkenwell, home to a concentration of design studios, architecture firms, creative agencies, and design-related businesses, who seek inspiration, networking opportunities, and access to the latest trends and innovations in the design industry. The presence of this vibrant design community has created a fertile environment for material showrooms to thrive, giving easy access to design professionals seeking materials and finishes for their projects.

In the meantime, learn more about design and specification of hygienic environments: 

Book our new RIBA Assessed CPD here.

Vinyl wall cladding products are functional, hygienic, decorative, waterproof, lightweight, easy to apply, and are 100% recyclable. According to the industry body https://www.vinylplus.eu/circular-economy/pvc-a-recyclable-material/, vinyl, made from rock salt (57%) and oil (43%), contains less carbon than most major thermoplastics. It is truly a remarkably robust, long-lasting material and usually needs minimal maintenance. It can remain in use for long periods before it enters the waste chain. It is quickly installed in single visits with no wet trades or broken bits damaging sanitaryware.

And after all this, it can be recycled up to eight times – giving a potential lifespan of hundreds of years.

Beplas Komadur also has major creative potential for decorative surfaces where other materials have traditionally been used. From a one-off sheet, a feature wall to a full wall mural, with a range of matching, complementary printed installation trims for that seamless, fully co-ordinated look. Using a high-quality print process, it is finished with an anti-scratch coating to ensure design stays pristine for years. Corners and radii can also be easily formed seamlessly using heat. Available in gloss or matt finish, the possibilities are endless – see here for ideas and details for your next project: https://www.beplas.com/.

Adopting a rational holistic approach to the design and specification of hygienic environments acknowledges the importance of maintaining health and safety while accommodating evolving societal expectations. It involves comprehensive planning, integration of innovative solutions, and a forward-thinking mindset to create environments that prioritize both hygiene and well-being in a post-pandemic world.

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