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Meet the team - Sales and Marketing Assistant, Chelsea Ewin

In our third 'meet the team' interview, we're delighted to reintroduce Chelsea Ewin to our team following her maternity leave. Her vibrant energy and wealth of experience have always been invaluable to us. After enjoying precious moments with her newborn, we're thrilled to welcome her back into the fold!

1. What is your full name, and what role do you play within the team?

I’m Chelsea Ewin, Sales and Marketing Assistant here at Beplas HQ. My role is to make sure the processing of all orders runs smoothly and efficiently and answer any queries customers might have, whether they be general or technical I’m always on hand to help.

2. Tell us a bit about your background and experience that led you to this role.

I joined the team 4 years ago in the summer of 2020 following 7 years service at Thomas Cook when I was unfortunately made redundant as the company went into liquidation. I though the transition from selling holidays to selling hygienic walls and ceilings would be huge change but turned out not to be all that different in the end. Regardless of the product being sold the general framework of sales is very similar, so a lot of my skills were transferable. 

3. How do you contribute to the team's success and dynamics?

I contribute to the team’s success with my high level of customer service that keep our customers returning time and time again. I like to build a rapport with all our customers, whether domestic or commercial everyone is equally valued. 

In terms of my contributions to the dynamic of the business, I like to see myself as a bit of bridge between the warehouse and the office, although 2 completely different roles within the business we work together so closely, and I like to make sure everything runs smoothly in the cross over from processing orders to picking and packing. 

4. What specific skills or expertise do you bring to the team that sets you apart?

A phrase that sticks with me is ‘You are never fully dressed without a smile’. I think it’s so important to be approachable and friendly in customer service, and I pride myself on my bubbly personality. In the office I’m the self-proclaimed ‘welfare committee’. I look after social events for team building and like to keep morale high throughout the day.

5. What’s the best part of your role/ working at Beplas?

It’s got to be the atmosphere in the office and warehouse- its buzzing. We are all such big characters, and it just works well. Theres a saying ‘Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life’ and I can honestly say I enjoy coming to work. We get the work done and give the best customer service.  

6. Share a memorable moment with the team that stands out to you.

I LOVE Christmas it’s my favourite season and here at Beplas HQ I’m the Christmas fairy. I decorate the office and our 3 trees, annoy everyone with fake snow and flashing desk ornaments- it’s the best! I also arrange the secret Santa and the Christmas parties. We celebrate our hard work well, so Christmas Do’s are always VERY memorable… until the next day when you have a very sore head and can’t actually remember anything! 

7. Share a couple of fun or interesting facts about yourself outside of work to help the team get to know you better.

I’m a new mum! My sweet girl Nancy was born in July last year so I’m fresh back into the office after 9 months off with her. She’s such a character with the best little personality and she really is my pride and joy. I honestly thought I was going to struggle coming back to work, after spending every day with her. But, the fact I love my job so much and that she’s loving nursery and spending time with her Nana makes it a breeze.