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Hospitality and Catering

Food Hygiene ratings are becoming more and more important throughout the Hospitality and catering industries. Scores are becoming a major element in the customer decision process and it is vital that standards are maintained whether that be in a Michelin starred restaurant or a local takeaway, the protection of the health and safety of the client is of utmost importance. Surfaces should be non-porous and easy to clean to allow for the containment of pathogens whilst still meeting UK, EU and global fire and building regulations.

Beplas offers a comprehensive range of wall and ceiling products to meet these criteria including a range of antimicrobial cladding products to actively kill problematic bacteria using nanotechnology. Our products are widely used in the Hospitality industry to create hygienic, easy to clean and low maintenance environments. Beplas offers a free consultation to meet your exact requirements in terms of hygiene, durability and of course budget.

Elite Komadur – Hygienic Rigid PVC Wall cladding

Elite Sterling – Hygienic Rigid PVC Wall Cladding with Biomaster Antimicrobial Technology

Elite Leather Grain – Hygienic Rigid PVC Wall Protection

Elite FRP – Hygienic Fibreglass Wall Cladding

Elite CE-K – Hygienic, Co-extruded PVC Cladding for uneven walls

Elite CE-M – Hygienic PVC Panels Tongue and Groove for faster installation

Premier Ceiling Panel – Hygienic tongue and groove ceiling panel

Express Windows – Hygienic windows with unbreakable Polycarbonate glazing

Elite PVC skirting

Elite PVC Coving

Multibead Adhesive Applicator – Quick and clean, guaranteed adhesive application

Thermoformer – Machine that allows you to bend PVC sheets into corners for easy clean finish without unsightly trims

Silicones and adhesives – to complete your system and achieve 25 year full system warranty

PVC Bump rails – Hygienic Wall Protection

Elite PVC Kerb – Hygienic Wall Protection

Elite Leather Grain – Hygienic Rigid PVC Wall Protection

Elite FRP – Hygienic Fibreglass Wall Cladding